Library Days


Monday - Tessoraire, Miners, and Butchart

Tuesday -  Hoffman and Jex

Wednesday - Hanson/Johnson and Bennett

Thursday - Drake

Friday - 



How many books can I take out?

Unless special permission is granted, students in Kindergarten (Division 1&2) are permitted one book. Students in Lower Elementary Classes (Divisions 3-6) are permitted to take out up to 3 books. Students in Upper Elementary (Divisions 7-9) are permitted to take out as many as 5 books. However, if a student shows that they are unable to handle the responsibility, they may have a decreased number of books permitted, or may have to keep their books in the school building. 

Can any student take out any book in the library?

I encourage students to have at least half of their weekly books at their reading level. I may instruct a student to make a different choice that is more at their reading level or verify that they have someone at home who will read the book aloud with them.

There are mature reads in the "Young Adult" section that can only be taken out by grade 6 or 7 students or grade 5 students with signed permission.

We returned our old books but my child didn't come home with a new book?

With hundreds of books circulating our library every week, sometimes books accidentally get misplaced by either the students or by our library team. If you're sure the book was returned, please contact the school and I will do a special search of our book shelves to look for the book! 

What happens if I accidentally damage a book?

If you damage a book, PLEASE do not try to fix it at home. If you bring it in, we have special tools and tape that ensures a proper fix that will last a long time. If damaged books are a recurring theme, students may only be allowed to borrow books to keep in their classrooms, where they can practice proper book care before taking them home again. If damage to the book is unfixable, a bill for the cost of the book will go home. 

Why did I get a library bill?

Library bills will go home to students for both damaged books, or books that have not been returned. Just before winter break, spring break, and the end of the year, the library will collect ALL of the books back to check inventory and maintain an up-to-date catalogue. We create bills for books that have not been returned by those times. If you receive a bill for a book you still have, please return the book and the bill back to the library as soon as possible and Mrs. Koehn and/or Mrs. Ruleaou will do a little happy dance. If you have lost the book, students must pay for the full price of the book (listed on the bill) before they are allowed to check out books again from the library. If a bill is paid but the book is found at a later time, a full refund will be issued. 

Library Challenges

Challenge #1: Polaris Poetry Challenge

April is Poetry Month!

To celebrate I challenge you to share a bit of poetry!

This could be a poem that you wrote, or your favorite poem that you have read!

Type it up, write it down, put it on top of a drawing!

Send me your submissions to

tiger poem2.gif
tiger poem.gif

Challenge #2: Shorter-Than-Short Story Writing and Illustration

One Day Cover.jpg
One Day Story 3.jpg
One Day Story 2.jpg

Hello Everyone!


I was reading the book “One Day, The End” by Rebecca Kai Dotlich and was inspired by her very short stories. This book is full of stories that are only a sentence or two long and the real story is communicated through the images added in.


The Challenge of this week is to write and illustrate a shorter-than-short story! This could be about anything: a story about walking your dog, about eating a burger, about a superhero, a scary story… anything you want.


Remember, if you want to share your work please send your photos to:


Here are some examples of shorter-than-short stories: