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STEAM Design Challenges


Many EngineeringChallenges to choose from at

Westwood Fort Building Challenge!!!

The Staff at Westwood are challenging you to a Fort Building Competition! Building an awesome fort takes imagination, planning, problem solving,

teamwork and communication! Create an amazing fort (indoor or outdoor) and take a picture to share!

Send your photos to:


They will be posted in the "Gallery" tab of the Westwood Learning Commons Webpage!  

bc 3.png
bc 2.png
bc 1.png

The Staff at Westwood are challenging you to a Balloon Car Challenge! You must create a balloon powered vehicle that is sturdy (does not fall apart when in use) and can travel at least 5 feet in a straight line. More information below.

Send your photos or videos to:


They will be posted in the "Gallery" tab of the Westood Learning Commons Webpage!

Westwood Balloon Car Challenge!!!

balloon car challenge.png
bc test.png

Make a Crystal Sun Catcher

Spring is finally here! Catch some of those wonderful rays of sunlight with some home-grown crystals. Add food coloring to change the colors of your suncatcher.

Materials Needed:

Clear Plastic lid from a container

Epsom Salt

Hot Water

Food Coloring (optional) 





  • 1. Measure You will be using a ratio of 1:1 water to Epsom Salt for this project. Add 1 cup of Epsom salt to a bowl or large Pyrex measuring cup.


  • 2. Heat 1 cup of water it does not need to get to boiling temperature. (You can use the microwave or a kettle)


  • 3. Carefully pour the water into the bowl with the salt. Do this quickly so that the water is warm. Add food coloring if desired Stir the salt and water for 1-2 minutes to dissolve the salt.


  • 4. Place several plastic lids on a flat-bottomed tray in a sunny location where they can remain undisturbed.


  • 5. Pour some of the liquid into the recycled plastic lids. Use just enough to cover the bottom of the lid. DON’T OVERFILL!


  • 6. Leave your lids in sunny location. Depending on how much liquid has been added it will take a few hours or a day to start crystallizing. I know it will look like lids full of water at first but be patient!


  • 7.  When the liquid has completely evaporated your crystal suncatcher is ready! You will be able to see lovely crystal structures from both side of the lid.


  • 8.  VERY carefully poke a small hole in the edge of the lid and thread a piece of string through the hole. Tie in a knot and hang your suncatcher up!

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